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Raghavan, Srinivasa R.

Raghavan, Srinivasa R.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
1227C Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University–Raleigh, 1998

Self-assembled systems, containers for drug delivery, "smart" fluids, polymer and colloidal gels, polymer-CNT nanocomposites, scattering techniques/rheology.

H-Y. Lee, H. Oh, J. H. Lee and S. R. Raghavan. Shedding light on helical tubules: Real-time observations of tubule self-assembly by light microscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 14375 (2012)

S. J. Banik, N. J. Fernandes, P. C. Thomas and S. R. Raghavan. Creating polymer hydrogels with regions of distinct chemical, mechanical, and optical properties.Macromolecules, 45, 5712 (2012)

K. Sun, H. Oh, J. F. Emerson and S. R. Raghavan. A new method for centrifugal separation of blood components using a UV-curable gel. (Cover) Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22, 2378 (2012)

S. R. Raghavan and J. F. Douglas. The conundrum of gel formation by nanofibers, micelles, and proteins: Gelation without cross-links? Soft Matter, 8, 8539 (2012)

M. B. Dowling, R. Kumar, M. A. Keibler, J. R. Hess, G. V. Bochicchio and S. R. Raghavan. A self-assembling hydrophobically modified chitosan capable of reversible hemostatic action. Biomaterials, 32, 3351 (2011)

K. Q. Jiang, C. Xue, C. Arya, C. Shao, E. O. George, D. L. DeVoe and S. R. Raghavan. A new approach to micro-manufacturing: Microfluidic magnetic/fluorescent chains. (Frontispiece) Small, 7, 2470 (2011)

For a complete list and to download papers in PDF format, please visit Profesor Raghavan's web site.

Non-Toxic, Edible Materials Could Help Break Up Oil Slicks

Raghavan group’s efforts part of Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

Hydrophobically Modified Polymers Create “Cell Gels”

New technique could be used in tissue engineering, 3D cell culture.

The Gel with the Secret Center

Single "smart material" with multiple properties could have applications in bioengineering, consumer products.

Maryland Hosts Mid-Atlantic Soft Matter Workshop

Interdisciplinary scientists find a "soft and squishy" common ground.

New Barrier Gel Will Improve Analysis of Blood Samples

Ragahavan, colleagues create UV-curable polymer that more effectively separates cells from serum.

Raghavan, DeVoe Introduce New Micromanufacturing Approach in Small

Lab-on-a-chip produces, assembles microparticles in customized order; could be used for drug discovery.

Blood-Clotting "Nano-Velcro" Featured in C&EN

Journal highlights wound-healing technology by Raghavan, Remedium Technologies.

Raghavan Group Aids Development of Non-Toxic Oil Recovery Agent

Organogelator could help Gulf of Mexico spill.

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