Many additional forms can be found on the University of Maryland's Graduate School web site.

All forms after signed MUST but turned in to Kathy Gardinier, Assistant Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, including those submitted to the graduate school. Ms. Gardinier will forward the documents to the graduate school as needed.

Information About REC Forms

The Graduate School will initiate the Adobe Sign REC form no later than two days before the scheduled defense. At that time, all committee members will receive an email from Adobe Sign that provides them with a link to the electronic REC. After the student has successfully defended their thesis or dissertation, including any revisions, committee members must access the form and submit their approval (i.e., signature) for the student’s defense.

When all committee members have submitted their approval, the electronic REC will automatically route to the Program Director for final approval. Once the Program Director submits their approval, the REC automatically routes to the Office of the Registrar. No other action is needed from the graduate program at that time.