All undergraduate electives must be either selected from the list below or be pre-approved by the Graduate Director. No more than two undergraduate courses (6 hours) can be used. Graduate courses with an EMPM designation cannot be used to satisfy the minimum 30 credit hours without prior permission of the Graduate Director.


Course Number
Course Title/Description
ENCH 453 Applied Mathematics in Chemical Engineering
Mathematical techniques applied to the analysis and solution of chemical engineering problems. Use of differentiation, integration, differential equations and integral transforms. Application of infinite series, numerical, and statistical methods.
ENCH 454 Chemical Process Analysis and Optimization
Applications of mathematical models to the analysis and optimization of chemical processes. Models based on transport, chemical kinetics, and other chemical engineering principles will be employed. Emphasis on evaluation of process alternatives.
ENCH 461 Control of Air Pollution Sources
Theory and application of methods for the control and removal of airborne materials. Principles of design and performance of air quality control equipment.
ENCH 482 Biochemical Engineering
Introduction to biochemical and microbiological applications to commercial and engineering processes, including industrial fermentation, enzymology, ultrafiltration and pharmaceutical processing, and resulting waste treatment. Enzyme kinetics, cell growth, energetics, and mass transfer.
ENCH 485 Biochemical Engineering Laboratory
Techniques of measuring pertinent parameters in fermentation reactors, quantification of production variables for primary and secondary metabolites such as enzymes and antibiotics, the insolubilization of enzymes for reactors, and the demonstration of separation techniques such as ultrafiltration and affinity chromatography.
ENCH 490 Introduction to Polymer Science
The elements of the chemistry, physics, processing methods, and engineering applications of polymers.
ENCH 494 Polymer Technology Laboratory
Polymer processing and characterization of polymer roducts. Extrusion, injection molding, blown film production with mechanical, thermal, and rheological characterization.
ENCH 496 Processing of Polymer Materials
A comprehensive analysis of the operations carried out on polymeric materials to increase their utility. Conversion operations such as molding extrusion, blending, film forming, and calendering. Development of engineering skills required to practice in the high polymer industry.