Students in this program select from program course offerings in consultation with advisor.
Course Title Section Day/Time Location Professor
CHBE101 Introduction to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering WB11 TuWTh
1:00pm - 3:40pm

Ganesh Sriram
CHBE250 Computer Methods in Chemical Engineering 0201 MF
4:30pm - 7:30pm

5:45pm - 7:45pm
PHY 2106

PHY 2106

Daniel Lugar
CHBE301 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Thermodynamics I 0201 TuW
4:30pm - 7:30pm

3:30pm - 5:30pm
PHY 2208

PHY 2106

Daphne Fuentevilla
ENCH648   Special Problems in Chemical Engineering View Sections
      0105 Peter Kofinas
      0112 Jeffery Klauda
      0113 Chunsheng Wang
      0114 Ganesh Sriram
      0121 Raymond Adomaitis
      0149 Po-Yen Chen
      0203 Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos
      0204 Taylor Woehl
      0209 Srinivasa Raghavan
      0212 Jeffery Klauda
      0214 Ganesh Sriram
      0249 Po-Yen Chen
      I206 Mikhail Anisimov
ENCH799   Master's Thesis Research        
ENCH898   Pre-Candidacy Research        
ENCH899   Doctoral Dissertation Research        

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