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Kofinas, Peter

Professor and Chair
2113D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building

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Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, M.I.T., 1994
M.S. in Chemical Engineering, M.I.T.
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, M.I.T.

Research Interests 

Functional polymer-based technologies for medical devices, biosensors, batteries and radio frequency devices. 

Current Research Projects 

Current research aims are the synthesis characterization and processing of polymer based architectures used in a variety of technologies and devices ranging from energy storage to medical devices.

Honors and Awards 

Clark School Outstanding Junior Faculty Teaching Award
Clark School Keystone Professor
Clark School Engaged Faculty Award
Clark School Senior Faculty Outstanding Research Award
Clark School Faculty Outstanding Service Award

Selected Publications 

Biomimetic/Biologically Active Polymers

Rapid Modular Synthesis and Processing of Thiol-Ene Functionalized Styrene-Butadiene Block CopolymersJ.S. Silverstein, B.J. Casey, M.E. Natoli,  B.J. Dair, and P. Kofinas. Macromolecules, 45(7), 3161−3167, 2012.

Color Changing Block Copolymer Films for Chemical Sensing of Simple Sugars O.B. Ayyub, J.W. Sekowski, T-I Yang, X. Zhang, R. Briber, and P. Kofinas. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 28 (2011) 349– 354, 2011.

FVII Dependent Coagulation Activation in Citrated Plasma by Polymer Hydrogels  B.J. Casey, A.M. Behrens, J. Hess, Z. J. Wu, B. Griffith, and P. Kofinas. Biomacromolecules, 11, 3248–3255, 2010.

Small angle neutron scattering study of deuterated sodium dodecylsulfate micellization in dilute poly((2–dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) solutions  W. Lee, P. Kofinas, and R.M. Briber. Polymer, 51, 2872-2878, 2010.

Imprinted Polymer Hydrogels for the Separation of Viruses L. D. Bolisay, and Peter Kofinas, Macromolecular Symposia, 291–292, 302–306, 2010.

Effects of Charge Density on the Recognition Properties of Molecularly Imprinted Polyampholyte Hydrogels  D.S. Janiak,  O.B. Ayyub, and P. Kofinas.  Polymer, 51, 665–670, 2010.


Virus-Assembled Flexible Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces for Enhanced Polymer-Based Battery Applications A. Ghosh, J. Guo, A.D. Brown, E. Royston, C.S. Wang, P. Kofinas, and J.N. Culver. Journal of Nanomaterials, 2012(795892), 2012.

Anion Effects on Solid Polymer Electrolytes Containing Sulfur Based Ionic Liquid for Lithium Batteries A.S. Fisher, M.B. Khalid, M. Widstrom, and P. Kofinas. J. of The Electrochemical Society, 159(5) A592-A597, 2012.

Solid Polymer Electrolytes With Sulfur Based Ionic Liquid for Lithium Batteries A.S. Fisher, M.B. Khalid, M. Widstrom, and P. Kofinas. J. of Power Sources, 196, 9767– 9773, 2011.

Block Copolymer Solid Battery Electrolyte with High Li-ion Transference Number A. Ghosh, C. Wang, and P. Kofinas. J. Electrochemical Society, 157(7), A846-A849, 2010.

Nanoparticles Templated by Block Copolymers

Controlled synthesis of core–shell iron–silica nanoparticles and their magneto-dielectric properties in polymer composites T-I Yang, R.N.C. Brown, L. C. Kempel, and P. Kofinas. Nanotechnology, 22, 105601, 2011.

Surfactant-modified Nickel Zinc Iron Oxide / Polymer Nanocomposites for Radio Frequency Applications T-I Yang, L. Kempel, and P. Kofinas. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 12(8), 2967, 2010.