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Liu, Dongxia

Dongxia Liu
Associate Professor
1208A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
Lab Description: 

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Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, 2009

Research Interests 

Materials synthesis and engineering, reaction engineering, heterogeneous catalysis, fuel cells, biofuels, energy.

Current Research Projects 

Our group's research stays at the interface of materials synthesis and catalytic science, with an emphasis on precisely controlling composition and constitution of nanostructured particles and membranes for renewable energy conversion and storage applications. In particular, we are focusing on two avenues: 1) Tailoring the architectures and functionality of nanostructured materials to enable efficient and selective catalytic reactions in biorefinenery and petrochemical/fine chemical conversion; 2) Assembling nanostructured particles and membranes to provide desirable properties in fuel cells and batteries. Our overall objective is nano-engineering of advanced materials with structural elucidation, growth mechanism perception, and industrial application exploration in catalytic conversion technologies to enabling the development of green and sustainable energies. Below, you will find brief descriptions of our ongoing research projects.

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Professor Liu teaches or has taught the following courses:

  • CHBE 101: Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Honors and Awards 

  • 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering Travel Grant, 2017
  • 13th International Conference on Catalysis in Membrane Reactors Travel Award, 2017
  • 16th International Congress on Catalysis Travel Award, 2016 
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2014 
  • National Science Foundation Travel Grant, 2014 
  • ADVANCE Interdisciplinary & Engaged Research Seed Program Travel Award, 2013 
  • Research and Scholarship Award, UMD, 2013
  • Martin Award, A. James Clark School of Engineering, UMD, 2012
  • Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation Award, University of Rochester. 2009
  • Frank J. Horton Graduate Research Fellowship, University of Rochester, 2004-2009
  • Excellent Graduate Student Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2000-2003
  • Annual Symposium Award of the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 2003
  • Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award, Shandong University. 2000
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship, Shandong University .1996-2000
  • Outstanding Student Award, Shandong University. 1997, 1999

Selected Publications 

Xueyi Zhang, Dongxia Liu, Dandan Xu, Shunsuke Asahina, Katie A. Cychosz, Kumar Varoon Agrawal, Yasser Al Wahedi, Aditya Bhan, Saleh Al Hashimi, Osamu Terasaki, Matthias Thommes, Michael Tsapatsis1, "Synthesis of Self-Pillared Zeolite Nanosheets by Repetitive Branching" Science 2012, 29, 1684-1687

Yi Huang; Jianfeng Yao; Xueyi Zhang; Kong, Kong, Chunhua; Chen, Huiyong; Liu, Dongxia; Tsapatsis, Michael; Hill, Matthew R.; Hill, Anita J.; Wang, Huangting "Role of ethanol in sodalite crystallization in an ethanol-Na(2)O-Al(2)O(3)-SiO(2)-H(2)O system" CRYSTENGCOMM 2011, 13, 4714-4722

Dongxia Liu, Aditya Bhan, Michael Tsapatsis, Saleh Al Hashimi "Catalytic Behavior of Bronsted Acid Sites in MWW and MFI Zeolites with Dual Meso- and Microporosity ''. ACS Catal. 2011, 1, 7-17.

Dongxia Liu, Matthew Z. Yates, ''Coating of hydroxyapatite films on metal substrates by seeded hydrothermal deposition''.  Surf. Coat. Technol. , 2011, 205, 3975-3986.

Dongxia Liu, Matthew Z. Yates, ''Microstructural engineering of hydroxyapatite membranes to enhance proton conductivity''. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2009,19,3941-3947. (Cover Report)

Dongxia Liu, Matthew Z. Yates, ''Electric field processing to control the structure of poly(vinylidene fluoride) composite proton conducting membranes''. J. Membr. Sci., 2009, 326, 539-548.

Dongxia Liu, Matthew Z. Yates, ''Tailoring the structure of S-PEEK/PDMS proton conductive membranes through applied electric field''. J. Membr. Sci., 2008, 322, 256-264.

Dongxia Liu, Matthew Z. Yates, ''Fabrication of size-tunable TiO2 tubes using rod-shaped calcite template''. Langmuir, 2007, 23, 10333-10341.

Jianling Zhang, Dongxia Liu, Guanying Yang, Buxing Han, Zhonghua Wu, ''Effect of ultrasound on the microstructure of polystyrene in cyclohexane: a synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering study''. Colloid Polym. Sci., 2007, 285, 1275-1279.

Jing Chen, Jianling Zhang, Yishi Wu, Buxing Han, Dongxia Liu, Zhonghao Li, Junchun Li, Xicheng Ai, ''Fluorescence studies on the microenvironments of proteins in CO2-expanded reverse micellar solutions''. J. Supercritical Fluids, 2006, 38, 103-110.

Dongxia Liu, Matthew Z. Yates, ''Formation of rod-shaped calcite crystals by microemulsion-based synthesis''. Langmuir, 2006, 22, 5566-5569.

Jianling Zhang, Zhimin Liu, Buxing Han, Dongxia Liu, Jing Chen, Jun He, Tao Jiang, ''A novel method to synthesize polystyrene nanospheres immobilized with silver nanoparticles by using compressed CO2''. Chem. Eur. J., 2004, 10, 3531-3536.

Tiancheng Mu, Buxing Han, Jianling Zhang, Zhonghao Li, Zhimin Liu, Jimin Du, Dongxia Liu, ''Hydrogen bonding of acetic acid in CO2 + n-pentane mixed fluids in the critical region''. J. Supercritical Fluids, 2004, 30, 17¨C24.

Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han, Dongxia Liu, Jing Chen, Zhimin Liu, Tiancheng Mu, Rui Zhang, Guangying Yang, ''Effects of ultrasound on the microenvironment in reverse micelles and synthesis of nanorods and nanofibers''. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2004, 6, 2391¨C2395.

Dongxia Liu, Jianling Zhang, Jiufeng Fan, Buxing Han, Jing Chen, ''Effect of CO2 on the properties of AOT/water/isooctane reverse micelles by fluorescence study''. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2004, 108, 2851-2856.

Jianling Zhang, Zhimin Liu, Buxing Han, Tao Jiang, Weize Wu, Jing Chen, Zhonghao Li, and Dongxia Liu, ''Preparation of polystyrene-encapsulated silver nanorods and nanofibers by combination of reverse micelles, gas antisolvent, and ultrasound techniques''. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2004, 108, 2200-2204.

Jing Chen, Jianling Zhang, Dongxia Liu, Zhimin Liu, Buxing Han, Guanying Yang, ''Investigation on the precipitation, microenvironment and recovery of protein in CO2-expanded reverse micellar solution'' Colloid. Surface. B: Biointerfaces, 2004, 33, 33¨C37. (PDF)

Dongxia Liu, Hongwei, Xiang, ''Corresponding-states correlation and prediction of third virial coefficients for a wide range of substances''. Int. J. Thermophysics, 2003, 24, 1667-1680.

Dongxia Liu, Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han, Jing Chen, Zhonghao Li, Dong Shen, Guanying Yang, ''Recovery of TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized in reverse micelles by antisolvent CO2''. Colloid. Surface. A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects, 2003, 227, 45¨C48.

Dongxia Liu, Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han, Jiufeng Fan, Tiancheng Mu, Zhimin Liu, Weize Wu, Jing Chen, ''Effect of compressed CO2 on the properties of AOT reverse micelles studied by spectroscopy and phase behavior''. J. Chem. Phys., 2003, 119, 4873-4878.

Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han, Minghua Liu, Dongxia Liu, Zexuan Dong, Jun Liu, and Dan Li, Jun Wang, Baozhong Dong, Hui Zhao, Lixia Rong, ''Ultrasonication-induced formation of silver nanofibers in reverse micelles and small-angle X-ray scattering studies''. J. Phys. Chem. B, 2003, 107, 3679-3683.

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