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Karlsson, Amy J.

Assistant Professor
1223 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
Lab Description: 

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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Madison, 2009

Research Interests 

Protein engineering, biomolecular recognition, fungal disease.


Our lab engineers proteins and peptides to specifically recognize proteins and cells with the goal of enhancing the understanding of fungal disease and developing tools for fungal disease diagnosis and antifungal drug design. Fungal infections are a serious medical concern for patients with compromised immune systems, such as patients undergoing chemotherapy or patients with HIV or AIDS. A limited number of antifungal drugs are available to treat fungal disease, and the use of these drugs can be limited by resistance to the drugs or by toxicity of the drugs. We use protein engineering strategies, including both rational design and directed evolution, to design protein and peptides tools that allow us to evaluate new antifungal drug targets and engineer increased specificity of antifungal agents. We are also interested in developing diagnostic tools to improve the detection and identification of fungal pathogens.

Honors and Awards 

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011–2012)

Selected Publications 

Karlsson AJ*, Lim H-K*, Xu H, Rocco MA, Bratkowski MA, Ke A, and DeLisa MP. 2012. Engineering antibody fitness and function using membrane-anchored display of correctly folded proteins. Journal of Molecular Biology 416, 94-107. Featured on cover of February 10 issue. (*Equal contributions)

Chongsiriwatana NP, Miller TM, Wetzler M, Vakulenko S, Karlsson AJ, Palecek SP, Mobashery S, and Barron AE. 2011. Short alkylated peptoid mimics of antimicrobial lipopeptides. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 55, 417-20.

Karlsson AJ*, Flessner RM*, Gellman SH, Lynn DM, and Palecek SP. 2010. Polyelectrolyte multilayers fabricated from antifungal b-peptides: design of surfaces that exhibit antifungal activity against Candida albicans. Biomacromolecules 11, 2321-28. (*Equal contributions)

Karlsson AJ, Pomerantz WC, Neilsen KJ, Gellman SH, and Palecek SP. 2009. Effect of sequence and structural properties on 14-helical b-peptide activity against Candida albicans planktonic cells and biofilms. ACS Chemical Biology 4, 567-79.

Li F, Svarovsky MJ, Karlsson AJ, Wagner JP, Marchillo K, Oshel P, Andes D, and Palecek SP. 2007. Eap1p, an adhesin that mediates Candida albicans biofilm formation in vitro and in vivo. Eukaryotic Cell 6, 931-9.

Karlsson AJ, Pomerantz WC, Weisblum B, Gellman SH, and Palecek SP. 2006. Antifungal activity from 14-helical b-peptides. Journal of the American Chemical Society 128, 12630-1.

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