Polymer Reaction Engineering Laboratory

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Founded in 1984, the Polymer Reaction Engineering Laboratory aims to solve scientific and technical problems related to industrial polymerization process technology. Its primary research interests include but are not limited to: synthesis of polymers and polymerization kinetics, polymerization reactor/process modeling, control, and optimization. Polymer reaction engineering is a discipline in which fundamental principles of chemical engineering, polymer science, and systems engineering are blended together when necessary to solve from nano-scale to micro-scale, and to macro-scalereaction and reactor problems. Recent research has been directed toward the application of polymer reaction engineering to nanoscale catalytic polymerization reactors, biodegradable polymers, miniemulsion polymerization, and microdispersion polymerization to make polymer particles of complex morphologies.

The group also participates in battery research with Professor Chunsheng Wang and zeolite catalysis research for natural gas conversion with Professor Dogxia Liu.

Kyu Yong Choi

301-405-1907 | choi@umd.edu

Dongxia Liu

Minta Martin Professor
301-405-3522 | liud@umd.edu

Chunsheng Wang

301-405-0352 | cswang@umd.edu