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We'll post REU opportunities friends of the department send us as we receive them.

The TEAMS REU site is designed to provide undergraduates of varied disciplines with the opportunity to perform modeling research in areas of importance including renewable energy, materials design, and atmospheric sciences. Modeling research is inherently collaborative, so the training you receive will be focused on both the technical aspects of your research and on teamwork skills. You will be mentored by both modelers and experimentalists to receive the full perspective of the projects you work on. We encourage all qualified students to apply and hope to hear from you soon. Refer to our website for more details.

Projects Include:

  • Minimizing Biofouling of Membrane Polymers
  • Thermodynamics of Green Solvents
  • Modeling Oxygen Transport
  • Photocatalytic Materials
  • Quantifying Confidence in Weather Forecasts
  • Investigating the Thermostability of Lignocellulose
  • Ballistics Gel Simulations
  • Grenade Timer Design

Application Deadline: varies
Program dates: June 1–July 31
$8,500 stipend for one academic year.
For complete information, online application, eligibility and project descriptions, visit the SDSM REU web site


Dr. Kevin Hadley, assistant professor
Chemical & Biological Engineering
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

The Department of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas hosts a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. The REU Program provides an intensive 10-week summer research experience for curious and motivated undergraduates who would like an opportunity to apply their knowledge toward solving modern-day problems in biology or bioinformatics.

The program will provide students with exciting and doable scientific projects as well as experiences that build self-confidence and encourage critical and independent thinking. Faculty mentors from the Department of Molecular Biosciences have strong records of undergraduate mentoring and conduct state-of-the-art, hypothesis-driven research in a variety of different areas of the biomedical sciences, from Molecules, to Cells and Organisms.

Areas of research interests in the Department of Molecular Biosciences are varied and include investigations of protein folding and protein design mechanisms of cell-cell communication, cell division and cell migration, the genetics of complex traits, development of multicellular organisms, cancer and stem cell biology, and host-parasite interactions. In addition to conducting research, REU participants will attend seminars and workshops designed to provide mentoring and enrichment in career development, the graduate school applications/admissions process, and effective scientific communication skills.

The program will include several opportunities for student participants to present research findings and will conclude with a campus-wide mini symposium and a written final report. Undergraduates studying biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, or bioinformatics are invited to apply. Students from groups underrepresented in the sciences and students currently enrolled in Primarily Undergraduate Institutions are particularly encouraged to apply.

For complete information, online application, eligibility and project descriptions, visit the KU REU web site.

Program dates: May 25–July 31, 2015
Application Deadline: varies
$5500 stipend (room and board provided)
Travel costs up to $500 per student are paid by the program
Social, enrichment, and networking activities included

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