Nanoscale Assembly and Electron Microscopy Lab

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Taylor J. Woehl

Associate Professor
301-405-1074 |

The Woehl Research group investigates micro- and nanoscale assembly processes with emphasis on electric field directed assembly of colloids and nanomaterials, aggregation and stability of biomolecules, and out-of-equilibrium assembly processes.  We use in situ optical and electron microscopy techniques to enable direct observations of the dynamics and kinetics of nucleation, growth, and assembly processes, with specific projects in (1) catalyst degradation, (2) active matter and collective behavior, (3) stability of protein pharmaceuticals, and (4) aggregation of pathogenic proteins. Our research activities include both development of new microscopy techniques to enable visualization of never before seen dynamic nanoscale processes, as well as fundamental investigation of assembly mechanisms to inform the design of higher activity catalysts, more stable protein pharmaceuticals, and new advanced reconfigurable optical materials.