Environmental Aerosol Research Laboratory (EARL)

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The Environmental aerosol research laboratory (EARL) is led by Dr. Asa-Awuku and investigates the formation, composition, and fate of atmospheric aerosol to explore the impacts on foremost climate and subsequently health. Specifically we are interested in the real-time chemical and physical measurement of ultrafine particles ( roughly 100 nanometers) and subsequent physical properties. Recent work has investigated the role of particles in cloud formation (the largest source of uncertainly in climate predictions), black-carbon and combustion related aerosol, field measurements of ambient aerosol concentrations (in urban areas), and the formation and transport of health related aerosols (tobacco smoke and indoor dust). Our research laboratory strives to quantify the links between anthropogenic and biogenic chemistry and physics that influence air quality, climate and health.

Akua Asa-Awuku

3014058527 | asaawuku@umd.edu