Requirements and Policies

As part of the educational requirements of the Ph.D. program, students must act as Teaching Assistants (TAs) for two semesters in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) courses offered during the academic year.

While ChBE TA opportunities may exist during the summer sessions and Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry TA positions may be available to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate students, these TA positions are to be used by M.S. and more senior Ph.D. program students as an alternate or supplemental means of support and not as part of the educational requirement.

This TA policy was created to distribute the TA duties as uniformly as possible among the graduate students in the Ph.D. program. Furthermore, this policy is intended to improve the educational value of the TA assignments by promoting better coordination of the TA assignments throughout the academic year, making better use of the mid-term student feedback on the TAs, and involving the TAs in longer-term Department undergraduate educational initiatives.