Special Joint ChBE/UMERC Seminar: Sanjeev Mukerjee

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
1105 Jeong H Kim Engineering Building
Annette Mateus
301 405 4799

A reception will follow this seminar in the Kay Boardrooms.

From Combustion to Charge Transfer at an Electrochemical Interface: Clean Energy Solutions for the Next Millennium

Sanjeev Mukerjee
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Director, Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technology
Northeastern University

The combined challenges of Global warming and exponential increase in demand for non-renewable sources resulting from emerging economies represented by BRIC countries have refocused global attention to clean efficient technologies for conversion and storage of electrical energy. Interfacial Electrochemical charge transfer offers some of the most effective solutions from the perspective of both storage and direct conversion. This presentation will provide a holistic perspective of current state of the art in this field, its relevance applicability, and challenges will be the focus of the presentation. As a representative example of these challenges, electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction will be described in terms of the range of applications (fuel cells, electrolyzers and hybrid batteries such as Li-Air). A multi-faceted approach involving tailoring electronic and surface properties and their interactions with support in the larger context of electrolyte-electrode interface will be presented showing a unique combination of materials synthesis, in situ synchrotron spectroscopy and computation.

Audience: Graduate  Faculty  Post-Docs 


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