ChBE Special Seminar: Engineering Tools Applied to Sustainability: An exercise on 8 beer coasters

Thursday, May 2, 2019
11:00 a.m.
2110 Chem/Nuc Building, UMD College Park
Taylor Woehl

Speaker: Jaime Jurado, Vice President of Production, Ennoble Beverages

Title: Engineering Tools applied to sustainability: An exercise on 8 beer coasters


Anecdotally, we appreciate problems solved ‘on the back of an envelope’ or in the space of a beer coaster. The business sustainability of the enterprise defines the future of any brewery. Increasingly, environmental concerns and pressures from brewery leadership and from our customers have brought sustainability into our thought framework. Possibly the most challenging task of the chemical engineer is the translation of a real situation, comprising labor, machines, raw materials, finished goods and money, into a set of mathematical symbols and relationships that reproduces their behavior…yet ‘simplifications on a beer coaster’ give us useful insight. In this presentation we will apply simple tools arising from engineering economics for decisions on processing of the waste liquid generated across the brewing production and packaging processes of a brewery with the aim of realizing benefit as well as returning the liquid to treated state sufficient to allow it to be returned to the environs.

Speaker bio:

Jaime Jurado has been in commercial brewing since 1983 and did his chemical engineering undergraduate degree at Maryland, followed immediately after by formal brewing study in Bavaria, and several years later did his M.S. in electrical engineering and a a few years after that completed three years as a Ph.D. Candidate in medical engineering, but then left research to complete and commission what was then the most state-of-art brewery in Rajastahan, India. Jaime has been a master Brewer for many years, a Director of Brewing & Production Operations for 20 years, and today is VP-Production of two startups owned by the same alcoholic beverage company as well as a biomolecule isolation/refining company. 

Audience: Campus 

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