ChBE Seminar Series: Engineered Nano and Nano-Bio Hybrid Materials

Tuesday, April 16, 2019
11:00 a.m.
2110 Chem/Nuc (bldg #90), UMD College Park
Taylor Woehl

Speaker: Mark Griep, BioNano Materials Group Leader, Materials Division @ ARL

Title:  Engineered Nano and Nano-Bio Hybrid Materials


The intersection of nanotechnology and biology has revealed novel pathways to engineer hybrid materials capable of harnessing the innate functionality of biomaterials with the uniquely tailored properties of advanced nanotechnology; revealing entirely new technological opportunities. This talk will discuss efforts towards the design and synthesis of bio-enabled nanomaterials, understanding their fundamental interactions and exploiting their unique energy-coupled relationship towards select applications including chem-bio sensing, revolutionary sensor systems for illegal drugs, and the study of mild Traumatic Brain Injury.  A specific focus will be placed on protein-quantum dot hybrids, protein-mediated nanoclusters, and bio-functionalized 2D nanomaterials. In addition, relevant areas relating to the mechanics of 2D nanomaterials (graphene, hBN) and the application of plasmonic nanocomposites will be discussed.


Mark Griep leads the BioNano Materials group of ARL’s Material’s Division.  His research is focused on structure property relationships and application concepts of hybrid nano-bio materials, bio-enable manufacturing, 2-D nanomaterials, functional plasmonics, and energy harvesting materials and phenomena.  Outside of the lab Dr. Griep serves as a DoD representative to the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) and focuses on advancing the Nanosensors National Strategic Initiative (NSI). Additionally Dr. Griep serves on the ARL International Strategic Group (ISG), to enhance ARL’s international reach.  Dr. Griep obtained his PhD degree in 2008 in Mechanical Engineering as an NSF Graduate Fellow at the Michigan Technological University.  Following his PhD, Mark pursued a Fulbright fellowship at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan, where he focused on the progression and impact of Nanotechnology in East Asia prior to joining ARL.  Recently Mark expanded his S&T experience in the Asia-Pacific through a 1 year ESEP assignment at the RoK Agency for Defense Development.

Audience: Campus 

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