ChBE Seminar: V. Sara Thoi, John Hopkins

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
11:00 a.m.
2108, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
Dongxia Liu

Speaker: V. Sara Thoi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Johns Hopkins University

Title: Developing Porous Carbon Materials and Molecular Frameworks for Energy Conversion and Storage


The increasing demands for energy in the global community necessitate new strategies for energy storage.  Portable energy storage media such as batteries and chemical fuels are of particular interest for transportation.  Our group is interested in using our expertise in chemical functionalization and characterization to develop new materials for fuel production and energy storage devices.  We will discuss our efforts in using porous carbon substrates to tune chemical selectivity of metal-catalyzed carbon dioxide reduction.  Our goal is establish a set of substrate properties, such as porosity and surface functionalization, that allows for the control of product distribution and catalytic activity. We will also present our work in engineering porous molecular materials such as metal-organic frameworks for the development of new battery electrodes.

Audience: Public 

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