ChBE Seminar Series: Arthur Yang, Industrial Science & Technology Network

Tuesday, May 9, 2017
11:00 a.m.
2108, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
Patricia Lorenzana

Material and Processing Nanotechnology for a new generation of Contact Lenses


Nanotechnology has become the major source of the technical innovation in many application fields. With a better understanding of Nanotechnology, i.e. controlling material composition and morphology at a nanometer scale to achieve superior performances, we could develop a new generation of future products completely by design, instead of by trials and errors.

The rapid advancements in optical nanotechnologies, both on the composite materials as well as on processing precisions have led to the unique opportunity of upgrading the future contact lens technology for a new generation of performances. In this presentation, we want to discuss how these improvements could lead to extending contact lens’ application beyond the simple vision corrections. We will outline these new applications by giving examples such as Myopia progression control, high-definition visual effects, ocular drug deliveries, and sensing devices. The discussion will be based on using fundamental optical physics, nanoscale processing, interfacial thermodynamics, and biomedical device design to explore the new application opportunities of future contact lenses.

By Dr. Arthur Jing-Min Yang, Adjunct Professor/President of Industrial Science & Technology Network, Inc.


Audience: Public 

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