The purpose of the ChemE Car team at the University of Maryland (UMD) is to apply chemical engineering principles to design and construct  a miniature, autonomous car that contains a handmade stopping mechanism (kinetics), battery, structural support and electrical system. Given the range of needs, our group accepts contributions from any and all majors, so that we might create the most efficient vehicle possible! The overall goal in this project is to compete and represent  UMD at the annual regional and national American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AiCHE) ChemE Car competitions. 

Note: to be a core member, applicants must be available to attend lab sessions once each week, in addition to general body meetings held at the beginning of each semester in the Chem/Nuc building. 

Group Officers:

PRESIDENT: Rolane Qian
Vice-President: Allison Martin
Secretary: Christian Buffer
Tresurer: Crystal Lin
Battery Sub-Team Leader: Uma Kokilepersaud
Kinetics Sub-Team Leaders: Pablo Dean, Patrick Ott
Electronics Sub-Team Leader: Nicole Nohilly
Safety Officers: Ameya Sampath, Nilam Patel and Noor Al-Shalabi

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