Winners: ResearchFest 2015

ResearchFest 2015: The Winners!

First Place and Overall Winner

  • Elizabeth Tennyson (MSE): “High resolution mapping of solar cell open-circuit voltage”

Second Place by Department

  • Krystina Hess (BioE): “Self-Assembly of Cationic Polymers and Regulatory Nucleic Acids to Control Autoimmunity”
  • Derrick Ko (ChBE): “Mesh-Independence Study in the Shear Gap of a Slot-and-Tooth Rotor-Stator Mixer”
  • Joshua Taillon (MSE): “3D Microstructural Characterization of Cathode Degradation in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using FIB/SEM”

ResearchFest 2015: Our Judges

This year, our judges were:

  • Dr. Martha Wang (Ph.D’13, bioengineering), consultant at JWE, LLC.
  • Dr. Joshua Silverstein (Ph.D.’12, bioengineering), FDA
  • Gregory Hitz (Ph.D. candidate,materials science and engineering)

The departments and our graduate societies would like to thank all of our judges for their generous donation of their time and efforts.

ResearchFest 2015: Our Organizers

This year, our graduate student organizers and staffers were:

  • Svetlana Ikonomova, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Association (CGA)
  • Viviana Monje-Galvan, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Association (CGA)
  • Laura Bracaglia, Bioengineering Graduate Student Society (BGSS)
  • Michael Van Order, Materials Science Graduate Society (MSGS)