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ChBE Student Presents at IPST, Publishes in Top Journal

ChBE Student Presents at IPST, Publishes in Top Journal

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Masters degree student Daphne Fuentevilla will speak at M.E. Fisher's Statistical Physics Seminar, held at the Institute for Physical Science & Technology (IPST) on Tuesday, December 12. Her presentation is titled "Two liquid waters: secrets revealed by supercooling," and is scheduled for 1:15pm in the IPST Building, room 2100B.

"This is very prestigious," said her advisor, ChBE Professor Mikhail Anisimov, who holds a joint appointment with IPST, "It's an honor for a Masters degree student to talk at this celebrated seminar."

Fuentevilla recently published her work on supercooling, a paper called "Scaled Equation of state for supercooled water near the liquid-liquid critical point," in Physical Review Letters, the highest-ranked journal in physics. Such an achievement is very rare for a Masters degree student, Anisimov told us. (See Physical Review Letters 97, 195702 [2006].)

December 11, 2006

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