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ChBE Student Sauradeep Sinha Wins Poster Competition

ChBE Student Sauradeep Sinha Wins Poster Competition

ChBE undergrad, Sauradeep 'Deep' Sinha, won first place in the undergraduate student poster competition in his category - Food, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology - at the 2016 AIChE Annual Conference.  Advised by Dr. Silvia Muro, an Associate Professor in the UMD Department of Bioengineering, Sinha's research focuses on strategies to improve the therapeutic effects of targeted nanoparticles utilizing the gene CD47. His poster was entitled, "Polymer Nanoparticles CoCoated with Antibodies and AntiPhagocytic Moieties Improve Specific Interactions and Uptake By Target Versus Phagocytic Cells."  

More than 300 undergraduates participated in the poster competition, which offers an excellent opportunity for new students to display their research interests, connect with professors and other experts in their field, and network for jobs.

Congratulations, Deep! 

November 21, 2016

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