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Around the World with Jan Sengers

Around the World with Jan Sengers

Emeritus professor and former department chair Jan V. Sengers has been on the move, presenting at lectures and seminars around the world.

Sengers gave the opening lecture at the XXXVI Winter Meeting on Statistical Physics, held in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico, January 9-12, 2007. He also presented the final report of the Visitation Committee to review physics, applied physics and astronomy education at the Universities of Flanders in Belgium, at a ceremony held at the Flemish Interuniversity Council in Brussels on January 24, 2007; gave an invited seminar at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium on January 25, 2007; and at the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands on February 1, 2007.

Asked about particularly memorable recent trips, Sengers cited a plenary lecture in the former summer palace of Spanish kings, and a visit to Brussels where his lecture was simultaneously translated into multiple languages for an audience of 1000 international guests.

Although enthusiastic about his lecturing, Sengers has decided to take a little time off—his travels to only one of the many countries he's visited might seem daunting to a lot of people: "I made many trips to Belgium in the between the fall of 2006 and January 2007...I lost count…but it was at least ten!"

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February 9, 2007

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