News from the Lab

  • Eric Wang Wins Goldwater

    Eric (undergraduate in the lab) wins the 2018 Goldwater Scholarship! This is a nationally awarded scholarsihp. See the UMD news story on this.
  • 2018 New PhD Students

    Mahdi Ghorbani (ChBE) and Yalun Yu (Biophysics) have joined the lab. Info on these and other students are in the group members page.
  • Pouyan Khakbaz Defends his Ph.D.

    Pouyan sucessfully defends his Ph.D. in December 2017. He is now a postdoc at Prof. Shukla's Lab at U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
  • NIST Grant (2018)

    A 3-year grant from NIST was awarded to support research on field effect transitors in collaboration with Dr. Balijepalli . MD simulations on a serotonin receptor and CDK5 will support FET design.
  • NSF Grant (CBET)

    Dr. Klauda is awarded an NSF grant from CBET in collaboration with Dr. Jarboe (Iowa State) to study biofuels and chemical production by microbes with a focus on tuning the cellular membrane.
  • More News

    See the following link for archived news

Who are we and what do we do?

Dr. Klauda is the PI of the lab. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering is his home department but he is afflicated with the Biophysics Graduate Program and Maryland Energy Innovation Instutute

Research in the lab utlizes molecular simulation from molecular dynamics to enhanced sampling to probe structure and function of biomolecules and their assemblies to simulations of self-assemblies of small molecules and hydrates.

Research in the lab is done by a wide array of students at different levels (high school, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral). Many have graduated and have positions in industry, academia or government settings.