Raymond A. Adomaitis
2255 A.V. Williams Building
301-405-2969 | adomaiti@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Systems modeling and simulation; semiconductor and thin film processing.

Mikhail Anisimov
Distinguished University Professor
2115 IPST Building
301-405-8049 | anisimov@umd.edu | Lab Description, Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Mesoscopic and nanoscale thermodynamics, critical phenomena, phase transitions in soft matter.

Asa-Awuku, Akua
Associate Professor
asaawuku@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Investigating the formation, composition, and measurement of anthropogenic and biogenic aerosol to explore the impacts on climate and health.

Richard Calabrese
1208C Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-1908 | rvc@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Turbulent & multiphase flow phenomena, with emphasis on particle/droplet dispersion & coalescence processes, prediction & measurement of particle/drop size distribution, and prediction & measurement of velocity fields in stirred vessels and high intensity mixers.

Kyu Yong Choi
1208B Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-1907 | choi@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Polymer reaction engineering.

Panos Dimitrakopoulos
Associate Professor
1227B Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-8166 | dimitrak@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Computational fluid dynamics, bio/micro-fluidics, biophysics, and numerical analysis.

Assistant Professor
1223 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-2610 | ajkarl@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Protein engineering, biomolecular recognition, fungal disease.

Jeffery Klauda
Associate Professor
Associate Chair and Graduate Program Director
1227A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-1320 | jbklauda@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Cell membrane biophysics, thermodynamics, and molecular simulations.

Professor and Chair
2113D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-7335 | kofinas@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Functional polymer-based technologies for medical devices, biosensors, batteries and radio frequency devices. 

Dongxia Liu
Associate Professor
1208A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-3522 | liud@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Materials synthesis and engineering, reaction engineering, heterogeneous catalysis, fuel cells, biofuels, energy.

Srinivasa R. Raghavan
Patrick and Marquerite Sung Professor of Chemical Engineering
Distinguished Scholar Teacher
1227C Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-8164 | sraghava@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Nature-inspired materials; smart fluids activated by light; nanocontainers for drug delivery; dispersants for oil-spill cleanup; biomaterials to stop bleeding; self-propelling microrobots.

Sriram, Ganesh
Associate Professor, Keystone Professor
Associate Chair and Undergraduate Program Director
1208D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-1261S | gsriram@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Systems biology and metabolic engineering (metabolic networks, regulatory networks, fuel production from biorenewable resources); genetically inherited metabolic disorders.

Eric Wachsman
Professor & William L. Crentz Centennial Chair in Energy Research
Director, Maryland Energy Innovation Institute
Vice President of ECS
1206A Engineering Lab Building
301-405-8193 | ewach@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation membranes, solid-state gas sensors, electrocatalytic conversion of CH4, post-combustion reduction of NOx.

Chunsheng Wang
1223A Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-0352 | cswang@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Li-ion batteries, electric energy storage, fuel cells, electroanalytical technologies, nanostructured materials.

Associate Professor
1210 Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-1910 | nsw@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Biochemical/bioprocess engineering, biotechnology/bioengineering, on-line chemical/biochemical process monitoring, biosensors, alternative fuels.

Assistant Professor
Affiliate, Materials Science & Eng Dept
1223B Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-1074 | tjwoehl@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Nanomaterial assembly, nucleation, protein aggregation, in situ electron microscopy, plasmonics and tunable optical materials, active matter and collective behavior, (electro)catalyst degradation, radiation chemistry. 

Zachariah, Michael R.
Patrick and Marguerite Sung Distinguished Professor in Chemical Engineering
3130 Chemistry Building
301-405-4311 | mrz@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:

Nanoparticles for energy and the environment, reaction engineering of ultrafast processes, transport properties of small particles.

Assistant Professor
1140 Kim Building, College Park, MD
301-405-8566 | czhang71@umd.edu | Lab Description | Website
Research Interests:
Membrane science, transport in nanoporous materials, advanced hollow fibers and sustainable separation processes.
Al-Sheikhly, Mohamad
Al-Sheikhly, Mohamad
2309F Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5214 | mohamad@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Polymers, radiation engineering, electronic packaging materials, environmental effects.

William Bentley
Bentley, William E.
Robert E. Fischell Distinguished Professor
2226 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-4321 | bentley@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Biomolecular and metabolic engineering; cell-to-cell communication; heterologous protein expression; device/bio interfaces.

Don DeVoe
DeVoe, Don
3125 Glenn L. Martin Hall (Building 088)
301-405-8125 | ddev@eng.umd.edu
Research Interests:

Microfluidic systems for bioanalysis, MEMS.

Dwyer, Daniel J.
Assistant Professor
Dept of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics, Institute for Physical Science and Technology, Maryland Pathogen Research Institute
3126 Bioscience Research Building
301-405-1251 | djdwyer@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Systems Biology of antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens and antibiotic stress responses, including transcriptomics, fluxomics, proteomics and lipidomics analyses; genome-scale metabolic modeling of integrated omics data; development of RNA Synthetic Biology tools for metabolic characterization and metabolic engineering of bacteria. 

John Fisher
Fisher, John
Fischell Family Distinguished Professor & Department Chair
3238 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-7475 | jpfisher@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Biomedical engineering; synthesis of novel hydrolytically degradable, implantable polymers; study and use of biomaterials for the delivery of therapeutics, scaffolds for orthopaedic tissue engineering applications; interaction of biomaterials and tissues.

Lee, Sang Bok
Associate Professor
0107 Chemistry Building
301-405-7906 | slee@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Electrochemical synthesis of nanotube-structured materials for ultrafast electrochromics, supercapacitors, and solar cells; magnetic nanotubes for targeted drug delivery and chemical & biochemical separation; shape-coded nanotubes for dispersible nanosensors; wetting and de-wetting, transport, and diffusion properties of pseudo-one-dimensional silica nanotubes; nanoscale single-channel for chemical and biochemical sensors

Rubloff, Gary
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Minta Martin Professor of Engineering
Fellow, APS and AVS
1128 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
301-405-3011 | rubloff@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Multifunctional nanostructures for energy storage and capture, biofabrication in MEMS microsystems, biomedical and sensor applications, atomic layer deposition (ALD) process, mechanisms, and technology, nanoscale devices for quantum computing.

Adjunct Professor
Research Interests:

Battery/capacitor electrolytes, ionic liquids, structural-thermal-electrochemical evaluation of materials, phase change materials (PCMs), energy transport & storage.

Maria Klapa
Adjunct Professor
+30-2610-965 24 | mklapa@iceht.forth.gr | Website
Research Interests:

Metabolic engineering with emphasis in metabolic flux analysis and metabolic profiling, functional genomics, mathematical modeling of biological networks, quantitative systems biology.

Cornelis Peters
Adjunct Professor
+971-2-607-5492 | cpeters@pi.ac.ae | Website
Research Interests:

Thermodynamics, phase equilibria, ionic liquids, hydrogen storage, gas hydrates and CO2-sequestration.

Hratch G. Semerjian
Research Scientist, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Member, National Academy of Engineering
301-405-1000 | hsemerji@umd.edu
Adjunct Professor
Industrial Science & Technology Network, Inc.; Lancaster, PA
717-522-1739 | ajyang@istninc.com
Research Interests:

Material Nanotechnology for Optical and Biomedical applications; Bioengineering process for manufacturing biosimilar/bio-better products and drug deliveries; Interfacial Science and Thermodynamics of small and charged subsystems.

Dean of Engineering, San Jose State University
Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland
Professor Emerita
Thomas Regan
Professor Emeritus
Jan Sengers
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
2117 IPST Building
301-405-4805 | sengers@umd.edu | Mesoscopic Fluctuations & Critical Phenomena
Theodore Smith
Professor Emeritus
3130 Chemistry Building
301-257-8722 | georgewm@umd.edu | Lab Description
Research Interests:

Properties of non-spherical particles including soot, aerosol dynamics, aerosol metrology traceable to SI Units, smoke detection.

Gibbons, William T.
4104 Chemistry Building University of Maryland, College Park
301 405 1863 | wgibbons@umd.edu
D. Goldberg
Goldberg, Deborah S.

Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2010

1223D Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building
301-405-5575 | dsgold@umd.edu | Website
Ponce, Aldo
Ponce, Aldo
Senior Lecturer, Lab Coordinator

Ph.D., Kansas State University, 2002

4418 Stadium Drive, 1103 Chem/Nuc Bldg, College Park
301-405-0977 | aldop@umd.edu
Research Interests:

Materials science, inorganic chemistry, catalysis, surface science, life science and nano-chemistry.