Winners: ResearchFest 2014

ResearchFest 2014: The Winners!

First Place

  • Tanya Gordonov (BioE): "Electronic Attenuation of Biochemical Signal Generation"

Second Place (3-way Tie)

  • Sheryl Chocron (BioE): "Towards a Portable Device for Management of Schizophrenia Treatment"
  • Anthony Melchiorri (BioE): "3D Printing Biodegradable Polymeric Vascular Grafts"
  • Amin Zargar (BioE): "'Bacterial Vacuums' that Block Communication and Reduce Virulence"

ResearchFest 2014: Our Judges

This year, our judges were:

  • Dr. Angela Fu (Ph.D. '13, bioengineering), Research Fellow, FDA
  • Rich Suchoski (M.S. '13, materials science and engineering)

The departments and our graduate societies would like to thank all of our judges for their generous donation of their time and efforts.

ResearchFest 2014: Our Organizers

This year, our graduate student organizers and staffers were:

  • Andrew Quinn, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Student Association (CGA)
  • Elizabeth Tennyson, Materials SCince and Engineering Graduate Society (MSGS)