Winners and Photos: ResearchFest 2011

Winners From ResearchFest 2011


ResearchFest 2011: Our Judges and the Winners!

ogunsolavivek dwivedi

This year, our judges were alumni Oluwatosin Ogunsola (left, Ph.D. '05, chemical engineering) and Vivek Dwivedi (right, Ph.D. '10, chemical engineering). We'd like to take this opportunity to thank them both for their time, participation, and feedback!

Tosin and Vivek selected three posters for shared honors:


ResearchFest 2011: The Winners!

Keven Diehn

Kevin Diehn: "New Routes to Reverse Self-Assembly of Nanostructures
Via Commercially Available Lipids and Simple Salts."
Advisor: Srinivasa Raghavan.

Dwight Hunter

Dwight Hunter: "Discovery of Giant Magnetostriction in Co1-xFex Thin Film Alloys."
Advisors: Ichiro Takeuchi and Manfred Wuttig.

Yuting Zheng

Yuting Zheng: "Measuring Carbon Flow Patterns In a Marine Diatom
and its Implications for Metabolic Engineering."
Advisor: Ganesh Sriram.

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