Special Features

"Particularly" Interesting Research
The P2OWDER Group (Pursuing Particulate Opportunities with Dedicated Engineering Research), is dedicated to particle science and technology that could aid in the development of alternative fuels, help control air pollution, and benefit human health. More »

Could You Build A Better iPod?
The Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP) conducts research and development for the next generation of semiconductor products that will make your computers, phones, music players, and other hardware smaller, better, and more reliable. More »

Tiny Containers That Make and Pack Themselves
The Complex Fluids and Nanomaterials Group is developing materials at the nano scale, through synthesizing new molecules and exploring self-assembly, the process by which molecules bind into new, more complex forms without a chemical reaction. Current research includes work on vesicles, gels, liquid crystals, and smart fluids that respond to light and temperature. More »