2007 Graduates

The Class of 2007: May

B.S. Graduates


May 2007 Graduates
The undergraduate ChBE Class of 2007. Photo by Al Santos.

Olufemi Ajayi
Hamzah Al-Jefri
Jerry Aziaka
Laura Beasman
Nicholas Burns
Peter Burns
Patrick Elder
Amal Fallah
Brittaney Faniel
Matthew Getz
Alexander Hardin
Adonis Harris

Sicong Silvia Hou
Ye-En Huang
Christopher Huth
Golnaz Dhorsha
Robert Lloyd
Samuel Lopez
Alexander Nowodazkij
Meghan O'Dean
Paul Rueger
Hillary Sadoff
Joseph Shaneman
Joshua Silverstein
Melissa Tsai

raymond adomaitis, sreenivasan
Associate Professor Raymond Adomaitis (far left) with Dr. Ramaswamy Sreenivasan and his parents.
Sheryl, Yechun, and Panos
Assistant Professor Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos (left), Dr. Yechun Wang (center), and Associate Professor Sheryl Ehrman (right).


Ph.D. Students and Dissertations

Mahnaz Chaychian: "Radiation-Induced Dechlorization of PCBS and Chlorinated Pesticides and the Destruction of the Hazardous Organic Solvents in Waster Water."

Bhaskar Dutta: "Time-Series Transcriptomic Analysis of a Systematically Perturbed Plant System—A Systems Biology Perspective."

Juchen Guo: "Spectroscopic Study of Diffusion In a Glassy Polymer."

Harin Kanani: "High-Throughput Time Series Metabolomic Analysis of a Systematically Perturbed Plant System."

Jun Li: "Systematic Investigation of Quorum Sensing in Escherichia Coli."

David Small: "Comparison of Toxicogenomic Effects of Sodium Hypochloirte Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic Acid on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa."

Ramaswamy Sreenivasan: "Combinatorial Experiments Using a Spatially Programmable Chemical Vapor Deposition System."

Yechun Wang: "Flow and Interfacial Dynamics in Vascular Vessels and Microfluidics."

The Class of 2007: August

B.S. Graduates

Golnaz Khorsha

M.S. Graduates

Daphne Fuentevilla
Christina Giblin
Rebecca Lennen

Ph.D Graduates and Dissertations

Linden Bolisay: "Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the Recognition of Tobacco Viruses."

Xin Fang: I"mpact of Stochasticity on Gene Regulation Networks."

Angela Lewandowski: "Assembly of Quorum Sensing Pathway Enzymes onto Patterned Microfabricated Devices."

Chen-Yu Tsao: "Rewiring Quorum Sensing Circuitry for Enhancing Recombinant Protein Production in E. coli."

Shih-Huang Tung: "Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Molecules in Organic Liquids."

The Class of 2007: December

2007 december grads
Left to Right: Anthony Miller, Stefanie Cohen and Gregory Smith.

B.S. Graduates

Stefanie Cohen
Anthony Miller
Gregory Smith

M.S. Graduates

Joyce Breger

Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertations

Bani Cipriano: "Structure of Properties of Nanocomposites Containing Anisotropic Nanoparticles."

Heekyong Kim: "Analysis of Drug Delivery in the Eye Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging."

Yuesheng Ye: "Studies on the Step Growth Polymerization of Aromatic Polycarbonates."